BL  super flat lash 0.20

BL super flat lash 0.20

BL Super Flat Lash Extensions 0.20

  • 75% lighter than Mink lash, Longer retention
  • Global best seller


What are super flat lashes?

This game-changing lash has taken lash salons across the world by storm since its introduction in 2018.

BL Super Flat Lashes have been pressed even further than the flat lash, to create superior, interlocking flat shapes which are 75% lighter than normal mink lashes and increase retention time up to 10 days longer than a classic mink lash.

A deep Y-split in the tips enhances the softness of the sets, creating a luxurious semi-matte finish. Super Flat Lashes satisfy clients in the market for a more elegant classical lash.

This light-as-a-feather product guarantees maximum comfort with many clients reporting that they find it easy to forget wearing them! This makes the Super Flat lash a great choice for clients experiencing lash extensions for the first time.


What are the benefits of super flat lashes?

With the cutting-edge technology of BL Lashes and pressed surface to have superior interlocking flat shapes, Super flat lash is 75% lighter than normal mink lash and has 35% longer retention time. The deeper split of each lash delivers an instant double volume effect.

  • 75% lighter than normal mink lash
  • Double volume effect
  • Satin matte finish